United Coconut Association
The United Coconut Associations of the Philippines, is a confederation of associations/organizations involved in the various activities of the coconut industry. Its primary purposes are: 1) to unite all elements of the coconut industry and work for ... more

The Psychological Association
The Psychological Association of the Philippines is an organization committed to the promotion of excellence in the teaching, research, and practice of Psychology, and its recognition as a scientifically-oriented discipline for human and social devel... more

Cement Manufacturers Association
Cement Manufacturers Association of the Philippines is an organization that is committed to make the cement industry a growing and sustainable partner in nation building, by ensuring that high quality cement is produced.... more

Philippine Cable Television Association
The PHILIPPINE CABLE TELEVISION ASSOCIATION INC also known as PCTA is the umbrella organization of cable television operators in the Philippines. Its membership roster includes cable operators in the country.... more