Zamalek Art Gallery

Zamalek Art Gallery logo
Name: Zamalek Art Gallery
Phone: 202 2 735 1240
Address: 11 Brazil Street, Zamalek
Town: Cairo

Based in Cairo's cosmopolitan neighborhood of Zamalek, Zamalek Art Gallery has been a hub of modern and contemporary Egyptian art for over 20 years. Its mission is to faithfully represent art pioneers in Egypt and the entire Arab region, as well as providing support and guidance to some of the most promising up-and-coming artists on the scene today. Our ever growing exhibition space now includes a new annex, allowing us to present two simultaneous shows on a monthly basis: one exhibit for our established artists, and another for new talent. This puts us in the privileged position of being able to showcase all the best work we admire and are passionate about, as well as satisfy our clients and visitors. Just as importantly, it allows us to reinforce our key objective, which is to fuel creativity, inspire beauty and ignite minds.

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