Firewall Security Consultants

Firewall Security Consultants logo
Name: Firewall Security Consultants
Phone: +2 0122 310 277
Address: 19-A El Obour buildings, Salah Salem St. 14th Floo
Town: Cairo

Firewall Security Consultants is a truly unique security organization. As a completely independent consulting firm, unencumbered by corporate policy or government bureaucracy, we owe allegiance strictly to our clients. Only in this way can we give our clients a clear, unbiased, professional opinion on what is needed, and what options can best be utilized to meet that client’s overall security requirements. Firewall Security Consultants and its partner companies are known as a leading global provider of integrated security services, and risk management services. We offer customized, comprehensive solutions to support government agencies, multinational corporations and non-governmental organizations in austere and complex environments across the Middle East and Africa.

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