Providence Baptist Church

Providence Baptist Church logo
Name: Providence Baptist Church
Phone: 01123107753417
Address: Broad, Center & Ashmun Streets
Town: Monrovia

Here at Providence Baptist Church, we are a people who claim a personal relationship to God through Jesus Christ and corporate relationship with each other and the worship; we affirm the centrality of Scripture in our lives; who gather regularly to praise God; we strive to fulfill the Great Commission to make disciples; we affirm the Church’s unity as given in Jesus Christ; we care for the needy, the weak, the poor, and the oppressed. We are a people who are gifted by a variety of ethnicity and backgrounds, and we find unity in our diversity and diversity in our unity. We have a vision for the future; and trust in the Holy Spirit’s power through prayer for insight and power to live transform lives in renewed communities in this present age.

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